• Jacqueline Denning-Suggs

New Beginnings!

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Our site is slowly coming together, but I wanted to take this time to introduce myself. I'm one of the primary owners of JADS Consulting & Associates and our influencer site "Eat Well-Travel Often. The second primary owner is my husband. Our "Associates" are the various people that assist us in many of our other consulting endeavors. We started this journey a couple of years ago when I was taken out of work as a Middle School History and Special Ed K-12 teacher due to medical reasons. I was (and truth be know I still am) absolutely devastated. Several medical procedures later for me, and unexpectedly numerous later for my husband, I'm still hear and still traveling to various doctors around our state for medical treatment and surgical procedures. Going to these procedures and doctor appointments we started trying out restaurants we had never tried before; trying to add some kind of excitement and something to look forward to in the situation. It was during one of these doctor visits on the coast of our state that my doctor informed me that now was the time to enjoy any little bit of travel, activities, and adventures I could possibly tolerate before my condition reached the point where I would no longer be able to travel as easily as I can now. Mind you, travel now is not easy at all. For our two hour trip to this doctor, and two hour trip back, we have to stop numerous times, it requires more pain medication than usual, and I end up in extreme pain at least the following day, sometimes the following two. We won't get in to all the health related stuff; that would be an entirely different conversation all together. Anyway, that statement from my doctor was my trigger point. "No more passively getting our 'business' started". We'd put it aside for far too long. We decided; if we are experiencing "new" (for us) restaurants during these doctor visits and if we are going to travel a little more, why not share these places with others? Turn my situation into a way to help others. This, my friends, is how we came about Eat Well-Travel Often; a website aimed to help others find places to travel, restaurants to visit, new things to experience, and even new recipes to try.

We truly hope this site helps individuals, couples, and families find just the right place to fill their bellies and rest their weary heads, in addition to giving you recipes for some good eats!

May God bless each and every one of you!!!


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